To look beautiful, these heroines have taken the support of this painful therapy, which will be shaken by seeing your mind

To look beautiful, these heroines have taken the support of this painful therapy, which will be shaken by seeing your mind

Every person wants to look beautiful, but what does the Bollywood actress do to maintain or enhance her beauty? Our beautiful actress adopts many handicrafts from nose and lip surgery. Despite the aging of many actresses, their skin looks absolutely youthful. For this, these big actresses also use many types of therapy ranging from cosmetic surgery. Yes, Urvashi Rautela, the actress of the upcoming film ‘Hate Story- 4’ is in a lot of discussion about her beauty treatment these days. Which is quite unique as well as very penful. Urvashi Rautela adopts cupping therapy for her beautiful beauty. Today we will tell you the names of some such actresses, who adopt different types of therapy for their beauty. The Hollywood actress is named in this list. But the first thing Urvashi Rautela will talk about.

Urvashi Rautela- He has undergone treatment of cupping therapy. It is a type of Chinese relapse therapy. During this therapy one has to go through a painful process. Through this, the dirt inside the body is taken out and the skin tissue is given oxygen and other elements to relax deeply. This is painful therapy, in which acupuncture specialists first soak cotton balls in alcohol. After this, these balls are placed in a small glass or cup made of glass, and a fire is put in it and then after extinguishing this fire, a hot pot is immediately placed on the skin. This therapy has also been used by VJ Vani.

Kim Kardashian– Reality star and supermodel Kim Kardashian undergoes ‘platelet rich plasma therapy’ to look beautiful. In this therapy, a person is extracted from the blood and then injected back into the skin.

Victoria Beckham- Fashion designer and footballer David Beckham’s wife Victoria Beckham makes facials of bird poo. This makes their face glow.

Jennifer Lopez– Singer Jennifer Lopez takes strange treatment to maintain her facial glow. Jennifer Human makes the placenta facials to keep Jennifer’s skin glowing forever.

Demi moore-Actress Demi Moore takes leech therapy to make her skin glow and beautiful. She often visits Australia to receive this therapy. In this therapy, many leeches suck such toxis from the blood, which makes the skin look young and shiny. There is also a lot of pain while taking this therapy. This treatment does not cause skin diseases.

Gwyneth Paltrow– You will also be surprised to know the way Gwyneth uses it for her beauty. Gwyneth uses cream made from snake venom to keep her skin young. Using it does not cause wrinkles on the face. Gwyneth is not the first actress to use this type of cream. Earlier, actresses Keira Knightley and Jessica Simpson have also treated snake venom on their lips. It is very painful.

Heli- They scrub coffee on their bodies to look young. Blood circulation is good.

Katie– They use placenta cream on their skin during pregnancy during pregnancy. It contains many nutrients which are very beneficial for the face.

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