These celebrities earn crores of rupees from pregnancy, due to this they get big money

These celebrities earn crores of rupees from pregnancy, due to this they get big money

Nowadays, people across the country have to know everything about their favorite celebrity, when they are doing what, how is it, when will they get married, when will they have children? Any celebrity (50-60 years ago)Celebrity)Also did not leak news of his pregnancy. Pregnancy of celebrities today (pregnancy)Has become a big business. With this, he does business of crores of rupees. Branding is social media promotion. Let us know how big this celebrity pregnancy market is.

There are many international companies who contact celebrities during branding and promotion of their products during pregnancy. Separate companies want to join to handle their social media. There is also a sponsorship to declare pregnancy. Let us tell you that a company that manufactures medical products has endorsed more than 70 celebrities and social media influencers since 2013. At the time, singer Kelis Rogers and ballroom dancer Karina Smirnoff announced their pregnancy with brand promotion and endorsement. According to a news, for the pregnancy of such stars, companies branding all products from conception to delivery. Some celebrities charge a significant amount for this.

Audrina Patridge

Audrina PatridgeIn the year 2015, Audrina Patridge gave her news of her pregnancy on Twitter. He wrote in his Twitter post that Baby on the Way and it has been confirmed by the product of the pregnancy test company. Patridge later said that there is nothing to hide in it. People should know when you are pregnant.

Model iskara lawrence

Model iskara lawrenceIn her first 2019 British model Iskara Lawrence also shared a photo on Instagram with her boyfriend. He was also given money by a pregnancy test company in which 20 thousand dollars, ie 14.59 lakh rupees were donated, so that those people who are facing any problem in pregnancy can get medical support. Many PR campaigns were conducted for this.

The endorsement business of celebrities’ pregnancy

The endorsement business of celebrities' pregnancyThere is a broker company called Socialyte, which does the business of endorsement of celebrities’ pregnancy. The fees of these celebrities are decided according to their fame and time. Many times celebrities pay for these things themselves. Sarah said that if famous celebrity Kylie Jenner could ever demand up to 1 million dollars i.e. Rs 7.29 crore for pregnancy endorsement.

Renee Kramer

Renee KramerRini Kramer, a professor of law, politics and society at Drake University, is a brand partnership that promotes motherhood nowadays, but is linked to money. The famous celebrity TV star named Nicole Polizzi, or Snooki, also published her pregnancy photo in 2012 for the cover of People magazine. Snooki said that it was a big deal at that time. People want to know that I fulfilled their wish. Similarly, Hollywood actress Danielle Brooks also changed her pregnancy into a brand partnership. He also struck a deal with a company that made pregnancy testing products. For this Danien had said that I did this for the betterment of my family. He does what he loves for his family. There is nothing wrong in this.

Daniel brooks

Daniel brooks In view of this, Hollywood heroine Danielle Brooks changed her pregnancy into a brand partnership. His deal was with the company of pregnancy testing equipment. Daniel said that he did this for the betterment of his family.

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