Take tea sips in winter, but this tea will be the best

Take tea sips in winter, but this tea will be the best

Tea is part of the routine of most of us. A cup of tea after getting up in the morning makes all our sleep convulsed. Even while sitting in the office, we only drink four to five cups of tea. But regular tea that sugar too, is it right for you to drink it so often? Tea is also a major factor in the obesity of working people. If regular tea is replaced with another type of tea, it can also become health tea. Let us tell you about some similar healthy tea.

Green Tea You should replace regular tea with green tea. Green tea made instantly with hot water You can take anytime. It helps cut your obesity like a scissor.
Cinnamon Tea – Cinnamon is used in every household. Do you know how helpful cinnamon is in reducing obesity. By boiling cinnamon in water, drinking this water daily can make you slim and trim by losing inches in weeks.

Lemon Tea – This lemon tea is rich in health as well as taste. Heat the water a lot Add less tea leaves and boil it. Add lemon juice to it and then add honey and enjoy this tea.
Ginger Tea – Ginger tea is very healthy, drinking it in winter is most beneficial. While Ginger tea gives warmth to your body, it also works on the SD that is growing inside you.
Celery Tea – Celery contains an element called riboflavin that reduces fat helps to . Add cardamom, fennel, ginger and boil with celery in hot water. After drinking it, you will start seeing results in a few days.

Black Pepper Tea – Who does not know the benefits of black paper? Pinch of pepperIt also enhances food taste and health. Boil black pepper in hot water, mix ginger juice, lemon and honey and drink it.
Black tea or black tea – If you like the taste of tea leaf, then you can make tea without milk. Without adding sugar. After light boiling, add lemon juice and black Add salt and drink. You will like this tea more than sweet tea.


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