Great Ideas for Smaller Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Kitchen decorating is one of the most fun parts of remodeling a kitchen. The possibilities are endless, from the color you choose to the way you arrange kitchen wall decor ideas on a shoestring budget. The key is to know your kitchen and what will look good in it before you start spending money on kitchen accessories. Here are some kitchen wall decor ideas to get you started:

If your kitchen has no overhead lighting, there are hundreds of inexpensive but effective kitchen decorating ideas for under-cabinet lights. The first step in finding the right kitchen lighting is understanding the space you have to work with. Do you have an island? How about a peninsula? Anything that allows you to access the kitchen without stepping over bumpy cabinets is an ideal space-saving idea, and you’ll want to keep that in mind as you shop.

Bunk cabinets are one of the easiest kitchen decorating ideas to implement. Think of the old coin-op machines and punch bowls, and then give your kitchen the retro, 1970s twists with a few well-chosen items. Use bins to stack ingredients and other containers, and display spices and canned goods in glass or acrylic containers. If you’re a real “do-it-yourselfer” and enjoy creating things from scratch, consider making your own spice racks or barstools. You can find inspiration for easy fall kitchen decorating ideas in any number of home improvement and DIY books and magazines, as well as online craft and hobby stores.

One of the biggest problems people face when decorating small kitchens is cramped spaces. While planning your small kitchen decorating ideas, think about what you might be able to do to make your kitchen more efficient. For example, wall cabinets are great for small kitchens, as are wire baskets for larger kitchens. Even if you don’t have the space for wall cabinets or baskets, there are plenty of small kitchen decorating ideas that will still make your kitchen look attractive and complete.

Other kitchen decorating ideas that can help you save space include installing larger windows and doors, installing overhead racks for containers or small kitchen appliances, and choosing unique tile or paint designs for your backsplash or floor. As you look at different ideas for kitchen decorating ideas, think about the items that aren’t needed, such as open shelves or a gallery wall. Sometimes these items can be turned into treasures by choosing some creative painting techniques. Consider turning items like cookie jars or egg boxes into works of art by splashing paint on them or by using shadow box mirrors to reflect sunlight to reflect it back into the item.

Another great idea for kitchen decorating ideas that saves space is creating open kitchen counters. By removing your decorative serving pieces such as your cutting boards, you can save space in your kitchen by using this space for utensils and dishes. This is a great way to use the space under your cooking table too. Another idea for creative kitchen decorating ideas is to install a bar counter where you can serve drinks and appetizers. You can also install serving racks under your pots, pans, and cookie racks to save room and create an inviting atmosphere in your kitchen.