Mouth ulcers, 10 very small and inexpensive home remedies

Mouth ulcers, 10 very small and inexpensive home remedies

Blisters in the mouth or many times mouth becomes a major problem. You can’t even eat and drink anything. This problem also occurs in children, especially in newborns. Even a newborn cannot explain their problems by speaking. If there are blisters in the mouth, then you can do some easy remedies, these prepared from things present in the house are very useful in curing blisters.

Honey: By using honey on the blisters, they begin to heal quickly. Apply honey on the place of ulcers in the mouth. You can apply honey even to young children, but honey is prohibited for children below 1 year.
Coconut: Coconut water is cold, its oil, water and milk are used to cure all the blisters. Drink coconut water if there is blistering in the mouth. Rinse coconut milk in the mouth. Applying coconut oil on the mouth ulcers of children is beneficial.
Ghee: You can also apply ghee on the blisters. Applying cow’s ghee on the blister provides relief in pain and benefits. You can also apply mango ghee on the blisters.

Butter Milk: Blisters are caused by stomach heat. In such a situation, you drink cold buttermilk, it contains lactic acid which prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth ulcers. Drinking buttermilk cures mouth blisters to a great extent.
Curd or Yoghurt: Like buttermilk, you can also consume yogurt. If the children are unable to take yogurt then add honey to the curd and give it a shake. You will definitely get rest.
Turmeric: Mixing mild turmeric with honey and applying it slowly on the blisters is beneficial. Turmeric has the benefits of being anti-inflammatory and removing bacteria. They can fill any wound, apply them directly to the blisters.

Alovera: Apply aloe vera gel to the blisters. Do this 3-4 times a day. Applying these gels on the blisters provides quick relief.
Tulsi / Basil Leaves: Chewing basil leaves with medicinal properties provides relief in ulceration. Give the children to chew by breaking the leaves. Or you can make their paste and apply it on the blisters.
Ice Cream: If the children or elders are experiencing a lot of pain or burning sensation in the blisters, feed them with ice cream. The burning sensation in the blisters will also reduce with the change of taste of the mouth.
Lukewarm Water: Add a little salt in lukewarm water and gargle with it now. The blisters will soon be relaxed and feel relieved.

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