If you also feel lazy in washing clothes, then read this news

If you also feel lazy in washing clothes, then read this news

Laundry is such a thing that everyone loves to do. If our bus runs then we wear new clothes everyday and throw them away after use. But not everyone has this much money. In such a situation, wearing and washing the same clothes repeatedly becomes our compulsion. If we talk about the women of the house, then they wash the clothes like once. But now-a-days youngsters, new-age daughters-in-law, and girls and boys living in hostels are very lazy in washing clothes.

Now clothes will be made with water and dust proof material

Now just think how nice it would be if our clothes were never dirty. Then we do not have to do any hard work to wash them. It seems that God has listened to you. Recently a new technology has been developed using which such clothes can be made which are never dirty.

Yes! You heard right These clothes are never dirty. You go in the rain, have fun in the mud, or drop the food and drink on it, these clothes will not get dirty at all. The special thing about these clothes is that they will not fall from rain or water. That is, they are completely prepared from dust and water proof materials.

What are the techniques

The credit for the discovery of making these special clothes goes to Professor Wang Likyu of Hong Kong University and his team of friends. Using these techniques based on microfluidic droplets, these people have prepared a material that will not have any effect of dirt, including oil, mud, dust, water.

The problem with the clothes made with this technology is that they will not get dirty but maybe after a few months they start smelling or germs can be made in it, so you have to wash them in a few months. But these scientific people are also engaged in solving this problem. According to the information, they are working on a different type of material. Apart from dusty soil, no germs or bacteria will stick on the clothes made of this material. In this way, you will not need to wash these clothes for many months.

Such special clothes may take a few years to arrive in the Indian market as long as you keep washing your clothes like you do.

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