Dodocool Extender Setup by means of WPS

Dodocool extender is a remote Wi-Fi range extender that helps in taking out no man’s lands present inside the reach. This gadget professes to eliminate dead spots up to 100m of its inclusion. This little gadget bolsters a great accelerate to 300mbps. There is staggered encryption which makes it more solid, secure your information, and forestalls unapproved access. It is anything but difficult to set up this gadget, it takes 5-10 mins to do as such. So we should arrangement dodocool extender with simple advances.

Dodocool Extender Setup by means of WPS

For the dodocool extender arrangement by means of the WPS button, you need to follow the cycle.

Put your dodocool extender to outer electrical inventory and ensure it’s appropriately associated and changed to repeater mode.

  • Spot the extender and switch near one another to keep away from any impedance in association.
  • When the LED light beginnings blazing it implies the extender is prepared to set up.
  • Press the WPS button present on the switch for a couple of moments and once it begins squinting it implies it’s prepared to interface.
  • Press the WPS button on dodocool wifi extender for 2 min. Light squinting shows that its interfacing with the switch signal.
  • At the point when it gets associated the flickering lights will turn strong.
  • After association, you place your extender to the ideal spot you need to module. Appreciate blasting web speed.

Dodocool Extender Setup Via Web Browser

  • Presently you need to follow the data to set up your WiFi extender with the assistance of an internet browser.
  • Module your Dodocool wifi range Extender and switch to the force supply and spot the two gadgets in reach to dodge any organize association issue.
  • Subsequent to associating the gadget to the source trust that a couple of moments will get the gadget in beginning state.
  • Open the Wi-Fi list in your Phone/PC and select organization with name ‘Remote N’ or “Remote AC”.
  • Presently a page will open asking Password and Username. Type ‘ administrator ‘ as default secret key and username. Press the login button at that point.
  • Further, a Dodocool arrangement page will open. Find and select your host Wi-Fi organization and type secret key and SSID and snap the ‘Interface’
  • Presently, sit tight for an advancement bar to finish to 100% and stand by further for around a couple of moments for its reconfiguration and rebooting to be finished.
  • At the point when the LED light turns around to strong demonstrating a fruitful arrangement and association.
  • Presently associate with your Wi-Fi, enter a secret key, and begin working with High-speed web at each spot.

Extender Setup an Access Point | Dodocool AP Setup

  • Interface your extender to the inventory source and ensure it’s associated appropriately.
  • Flip the change to Access Point and now plug in the Ethernet link of the switch to the LAN port of the extender to interface both.
  • Interface the extenders default Wi-Fi network “Remote N” appearing in the telephone/PC Wi-Fi list.
  • Open the ideal program in the associated gadget and type “” or ap-arrangement in the location bar and press Enter.
  • A validation page will open requesting Username and secret key. Type ‘administrator’ in the two fields as default and snap ‘Login’.
  • On the following window, the Dodocool Extender arrangement page will open.
  • Make another SSID, security type, and another secret key.
  • Presently, sit tight for the advancement bar to arrive at 100% and stand by further for around 50-60 seconds.
  • Subsequent to reconfiguring and rebooting your dodocool Extender is currently prepared to fill in as Access Point
  • Interface your gadgets to the home organization and it’s prepared to work.

Q) Where would it be advisable for me to put my reach extender gadget?

A) It is consistently fitting to put your extender in your switch and association gadget, state PC or telephone and it should be in the scope of the remote organization.

Q) Why do I need to have new firmware for my Dodocool Extender?

A) The most recent firmware improves the usefulness, speed, and execution of your gadget. It eliminates issues of gadgets present prior there.

Q) What would i be able to do if the dodocool extender detaches when associating with the principle switch during arrangement?

A) Try to change the remote settings of the fundamental switch. You can likewise take a stab at reflashing the firmware of the switch and the extender.

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