Do not take inflammation of the eyes lightly, may be the main cause of type-2 diabetes

Do not take inflammation of the eyes lightly, may be the main cause of type-2 diabetes

Do not take lightly complaints of eye inflammation. Do not ignore the problem of unnecessary water fall. A recent study by Britain’s top ENT hospital ‘Optimax Eye Surgery’ suggests this. Researchers have identified these problems as one of the main symptoms of type-2 diabetes.

He said that patients can suffer from ‘Diabetic Eye Syndrome’ if blood sugar levels are high for a long time. In this, the risk of glaucoma and cataract increases by one-and-a-half times, with the eyes swelling, burning and watering.

According to chief researcher Katrina Turil, when the amount of glucose in the blood is high, the fluid in the eye cells starts to freeze. This condition gives rise to glaucoma, in which light gradually begins to weaken.

Turil said that due to the accumulation of fluid in the eye, the white layer around the lens also begins to freeze. This makes the person vulnerable to cataract. This is the reason that 40% of patients coming to the hospital for treatment of eye problems suffer from diabetes.

According to Turil, the accumulation of fluid in the eyes is not good in terms of light. By ignoring this, blood starts to flow from the veins inside, which can cause blindness.

Bad smell from mouth
– An American study, published in the ‘IOSSar Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences’, found that patients with diabetes may have higher levels of glucose not only in the blood, but also in the mouth. Germs use this glucose as food. They start building houses between the teeth and the teeth. This can lead to the problem of severe odor from the mouth along with decay in the teeth, which does not go away even after repeated brushing.

Severe irritation in genitals
In the study, it was advised to take the problem of burning, swelling and itching in the genitals seriously. Researchers said that when the level of sugar in the blood increases, it is easy for germs to grow in the genitals and its surroundings. In such a situation, along with cleanliness, measures to reduce blood sugar should also be accelerated. Black rash in the back of the neck, blurring in front of the eyes, feeling lightheadedness is also a sign of increasing blood sugar.

Diabetes sting
-46.3 million global population estimated to be suffering from diabetes
-7.8 million patients in Southeast Asia, including 7.7 crore Indians
More than 25% of patients are unaware of the news of their own illness
Diabetes patients figure to reach 70 million by 2045
(Source: International Diabetes Association Year 2019 Report.)

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