Body comes to know about a month ago, heart attack is coming, how to read further

Body comes to know about a month ago, heart attack is coming, how to read further

Heart patients are growing rapidly in India, in most cases, patients are unable to reach the hospital. Heart patients suffer from the number one disease in the world. Increasing pollution, lifestyle, our food are many things to blame for this. But do you not understand this? In India, the carelessness of people is so important that they remember their health only when the condition becomes fit to be admitted to the hospital. The heart starts giving some signs to the heart patients before the attack. But ignoring these signs leads us to the hospital.

Stay tired
If you are feeling tired even in minor tasks. Walking, you start panting. small If you are feeling heavy like a mountain, then get your heart health checked. Your Dal is indicating to you that there is something wrong with it.
Sleep disappearance
If you are awake again and again, you are not getting rest in your sleep, you are having frequent urination or if you are getting up again and again for thirst then these are also signs of the body. Having something wrong inside. The body is telling you that it is not resting, and needs treatment.

Abnormality of breath, breathlessness, difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath Neither indicates any disease. If you need to take deep breaths again and again, then you should pay attention to yourself. This happens only when the body does not get enough oxygen. If your digestive system is bad, repeated indigestion is a problem, then be a little careful. These signs may also be associated with heart problems. In any such situation, it is very important to see your doctor. So that on time The body can be examined. And if something goes wrong, it can be handled in time.

Regular Checkups Required
If you have problems related to blood pressure, diabetes or langs then you have heart disease The risk also increases. People who have been a heart patient in their family should keep their regular checkups done. Heart disease can sometimes be caused by genetic reasons. Apart from this, people living in the sedentary lifestyle should know that you are following the lifestyle leading to death. By including regular exercise and better eating in this lifestyle, we can be somewhat wary of diseases.

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