Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Small bathroom decorating ideas on a budget are available to homeowners who have a smaller bathroom, or even a smaller room to begin with. Small bathrooms can often be a tricky design and color challenge, but with just the right combination of surfaces, fixtures, colors and lighting, you can make the illusion of a larger room. In recent years, smaller bathrooms have begun to really expand significantly, especially in new homes, master bedrooms can be seriously cramped affairs, such as an adult bed, miniature vanity, etc. With these changes, many homeowners now have to plan and budget for a larger bathroom, and small bathroom decorating ideas on a budget are the way to go.

Some of the most common small bathroom decorating ideas on a budget include re-painting older walls and using stenciling and painting to make small murals. Another great idea is creating an “on-floor” area, or as some people call it, the “under-room,” which is essentially the floor directly beneath the windows. People love to take pictures and put them on Facebook, and I’ve seen some beautiful images taken by someone on their digital SLR camera on this exact subject. Many people are using their basement, attic, garage, attics and practically any other wall and floor space under their house for storage and photography purposes. This makes a great area for a bathroom makeover ideas on a budget, including installing shelving units and/or cabinets where necessary.

Painting, in addition to walls, should also be considered when discussing bathroom decorating ideas on a budget. If the walls are painted in neutral colors, the rest of the room can stand out with bright, bold paint colors. Bathroom paint colors should be chosen based on personal preference. Another idea for bathroom decorating ideas on a budget is to use the same color paint for the flooring, shower curtain, accessories, counter tops and faucets. The shower curtain and bath mat should also be the same color, preferably a shade of the same color or contrasting one.

Bathrooms that are shared by more than one family member can become a nightmare when decorating, so I highly recommend that you limit your bathroom decorating ideas to small, easy-to-find spaces. Smaller bathrooms will save you the most money on remodeling costs. Many small bathrooms can become cozy through the use of coordinating accessories and towels. Bathroom windows are always a nice place to start; they can add an air of luxury to even the smallest bathroom. Windows are also a popular choice for bathroom decorating ideas on a budget because you can purchase them in several different colors, thereby greatly enhancing your bathroom’s appearance and functionality.

Remember that you do not have to spend a lot of money on remodeling bathrooms; simple things such as painting, adding a fresh coat of paint, updating lighting fixtures and faucets, upgrading toilets and bathtubs and choosing neutral bath and bathroom decorating ideas will make a big difference in the appearance and functionality of your bathrooms. Your best bet for finding inexpensive bathroom decorating ideas on a budget is to shop at your local home improvement center or home store. Many times these centers offer very reasonable prices on items that are needed for a bathroom makeover; items such as bathroom cabinets, vanities, mirrors, faucets and soap dishes. These stores are also a great place to find other items that are needed for a bathroom makeover, such as bathroom mats, curtains and towels.

If you are on a tight budget and need to put a few hundred dollars toward a bathroom makeover, consider purchasing a few decorative mason jars and placing them in prominent locations throughout your bathroom. You can purchase decorative mason jars from online retailers for much less than you will pay in a brick and mortar store. Mason jars make great decorative accessories and can even be used as shower curtains or to hold tissue paper. When used in conjunction with appropriate bathroom decorating ideas, mason jars can provide an elegant look that is sure to impress any visitor.

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