100% natural ways to stop pregnancy, no need to eat medicines

100% natural ways to stop pregnancy, no need to eat medicines

There are many disadvantages of contraceptive pills that you are not aware of, in which case you may have to take some unintentional losses. Many times you go through the problem of periods, then in many women there is a sharp stomach ache. Sometimes hormones are disturbed due to which stress starts, women start getting fat. In such a way, you can use natural contraceptives. Natural contraception is not a miracle, rather it is the fruits or some eating and drinking things which are forbidden to be taken during pregnancy. Elements present in these do not allow pregnancy to stop. However, before consuming these things, be sure to know that you are not allergic to these things.

Azadirachta indica
Neem is known as an anti-fertility herb. Women can apply it on their private part in the form of cream or gel. In addition, men can consume capsules of neem oil.
Cinnamon – Cinnamon has properties to stimulate menstrual flow. Consult the doctor about the amount of cinnamon you have to consume.
Eat papaya
You must have heard from grandmother, grandmother or your neighbor that papaya during pregnancy Consumption is not good. Eating this can harm the fetus. In such a situation, consume papaya daily, the chances of pregnancy will be less.

Pineapple means pine apple
The other thing that is forbidden from eating in pregnancy is some elements found in pineapple which Naturals act as contraceptives. Its regular intake also does not increase obesity. So if you do not want to conceive right now, then make a habit of eating pineapple salad with food. In addition, pregnant women are advised to drink milk, but raw milk harms them. So if you do not want to get pregnant, grab a glass of raw milk in the morning.

Ginger can also prove beneficial to avoid unwanted pregnancy, as ginger can induce menstruation and help with bleeding. For this, you grind ginger in water and boil it. After boiling filter the water and drink it
Apricot – Apricot prevents the fetus from developing in the womb. In such a situation, after intercourse, eat 5 to 10 apricots every day till the period starts.
Dry figs – Dry figs also act as a contraceptive. In ancient times it was used for contraception.
vitamin C
Vitamin-C has progesterone hormone suppressing properties. Since progesterone is necessary to maintain pregnancy, it can act as a birth control.
Asafoetida – Asafoetida can also be used as a contraceptive. Asafoetida intake for this Can be made as decoction. Its dried extract is made by mixing it with white mustard and rock salt. Then vinegar is mixed into it and diluted again.
Kuttu contains routines, which are used to prevent pregnancy. Let me tell you that there are also routine pills prepared in the market, which you can use to prevent pregnancy. Ask your doctor about the amount you want to take.
Sour Fish – Mercury is found in this fish, it is a good method of natural contraception. Sour fish perform contraception as soon as you consume eye pill after forming a relationship.
(All these measures are based on information and research on the Internet, India Beyond News does not confirm these)

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